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To the Horizon, Sir

by Iain Morrison

Bring the lamps and the matches for fire Bring the stones and the cairns we’ll build high Bring our demons and all the colours of the night Come alone, come alone You don’t need money, just your own precious time We don’t need safety, we’ll be just fine All our children will be bathed in light Come alone, come alone Holy, Holy To the ground we must go, lover come The sounds in this forest are coloured with black When the snows fell it gave something back Pure as vision and vision we don’t lack Come alone, come alone We may leave and to hell we may land Where all the stars they number like sand And within this ground forever we will wait For your voice on that day
Homeward 04:04
Scanning the worlds above me They take me by surprise All your hills surround me Dark figures against the night This war i'm leaving, Your call i'm feeling, homeward This world i'll leave it, You know I mean it, homeward The day she called me lover, homeward The day she called me lover, homeward The battle of wills surrounds me Your black birds gather above Tomorrow must be this new day The one she dreamt about Come on my lover, homeward Come on my lover, homeward Nothing to kill for, homeward All to live for, homeward
Dear Goose 03:50
I awoke and my heart I think it’s broke I want for nothing but you and this warm coat The gypsy took my soul and gave it all to god The spirit flies in and out, out and in here’s my blood Dear Goose if I could I’d fly with you In sections and shapes the madness of a simple few Maybe I’ll form my own gang, I’ll start with you We’ll have kids and we’ll live so simple and true It’s enough to know her name All the glory of ‘insane’ I don’t want to play their games Oh the beauty of this day Oh the beauty of this day Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want the same The world may fall if that’s all it’s not too late I’m a little sorry that I speak this way It’s maybe glory or maybe I’m all astray
Psalm 03:10
Sing out little girl Sing out little girl Sing out in awe, in awe Little girl Dream old little girl Dream old little girl Dream old in light, in light Little girl
You’re my hope under this sun You’re my love that’s undone I won’t be home but take my word I’m not alone Overcome at sea It took years to find me On the edge is a castle where the hermit keeps me still It’s a lonely curse but carry on Please comfort her, don’t let her go I’ll be there every time the storms blow I’ll be there every time the storms blow There’s this cold cold bird I think he’s misunderstood It’s just his job to let us know that time here ticks ticks on by Pink feathers he can’t hide He’ll be there when we both die Then my dear I’ll be home by your side
Little Colt 04:50
Roam wild, roam wild, roam wild little son Take my, take my, take my only gun Be free to roam where the devils watch you Be brave and hunt them down Listen little colt, be all you can Be strong the winters maybe long Sleep tight, sleep tight, sleep tight my little one In her, in her, in her arms you belong They’ll try and stop your wonder, but carry with you The book of Mr Prin about it all Huckle & Charlie they followed the call Stood on the edge with him Over the winters, work hard, please dig deep Don’t you listen to the liars and all these fucked up thieves They’re just prisoners, kings with no majesty I’m in you always, forever you are in me Go my son, please do pray, every day just celebrate Have winters eyes, have perfect days, no king will stand in your good way
My Calm 04:09
Because you loved a woman Your caught in the love of a woman In my sleep I learnt to hear the voice of the one I fear The birds in the summer dim they’re all so thrilled to sing With a voice unknown to man, but a voice that brings my calm Love will overcome Love will overcome Love will overcome me Go my love to the other land Don’t let go my dear please take my hand 6 feet down nowhere to shout, take a shovel and figure it out I hear the call to start the fight, the sound from my sleepless nights
Go my lover and don't come back Leave your life you don't need that It might be fire or hell to find But in my sleep there's a different light They sniggered and laughed when I told them so There's a place where we don't grow old In your bones there's a nagging sound It cripples and burns if you don't let it out Make haste now Don't waste time Please take this land of ours To the horizon Set sail now Drift over and don’t come home
What are you holding back What are you holding down Black nails from the dirt Black eyes from the fight What holds me on this earth The push and pull from the sky I’ve a black heart I’d like to bury In the grave where you’ll have me lie The girl that I loved and held The girl that I loved and broke As I climb, as I climb out As I woke I saw my lord at war, he was in my sleep He was a bear, straggled hair, long nails on his feet His friend the human, 6 feet tall, never spoke much at all But with a shovel he digged deep, with a shovel he digged deep The enemies shapes I couldn’t see Where they tall, 12ft, with swords made of cut throat gold? Or were they crows, with twisted beaks and iron for feet? No, not at all, it was just me Take this road, this road, this road It’s old, it’s old, it’s old


released November 3, 2012


all rights reserved


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